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hope boroko


In the last 10 years, we have seen an increase of street kids, young and old people living and sleeping beside the shopping malls and shops in our city of Port Moresby. Many of them can't afford to eat 1 or 3 meals a day, as a ministry, we want to reach out to them. Our focus area is Boroko. I remembered one of the evenings last year 2021 I brought food to some of them sleeping next to one of the shops in Boroko, and the gratefulness and the smile that I saw on their faces really touched my heart.

At the moment we are praying about it but we know that this is something that we would engage in, in the near future. This is not just about food for the body, but it's also about the love of Jesus Christ being shared with them. Jesus Christ is our greatest model. He revealed to us the love of our heavenly Father, and in the same way, we want to do what He has shown us.

Meet Benben!

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I first met Benben at the Boroko Market. One day I went there again to buy some food at the market, he approached me and we started talking. I asked him about his day and what he does at the market. He told me that he helped carry market bags for people and in return they give him some money for his help. As we were talking he said I have some money with me and if it's ok with me, I would like it if you can keep some at your home for me. The reason why he wants me to keep his money is because many times some of the older boys take his money from him or he spends it unwisely, so I agreed. Benben is very smart in his thinking. I think when you live on the street you learned how to live with the little you have. He is just 12 years old and he knows how to budget his money. He is a very generous young boy. He left school after he got electrocuted. He could have died, but God kept him alive, why? Because I believe He (GOD) has a plan for his life. He told me last year that he would like to go back to school. So my wife and I together with our HOP POM team felt in our hearts to start HOPE BOROKO... it will start with Benben. This year he started home-schooling. 

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